5 Kitchen Trends From Instagram That’ll Look Like You Hired a Designer

If you’re anything like us, you’ve looked around your home more than a few times over the past year and wished you could hire a designer to instantly elevate your space. But alas, for whatever reason—you don’t have the budget, or you’re lying low during the COVID-19 pandemic—professional design help just isn’t in the cards right now.

Don’t despair! We’ve got the next best thing: Instead of shelling out for an expert, we turned to Instagram (as we always do) to bring you design inspiration, with an eye particularly on the kitchen. We scrolled through the most liked posts to ID the biggest trends that you can replicate yourself.

These looks are guaranteed to bring some soul back into your kitchen and convince everybody you know that a pro pulled it all together.

1. Dusty blue cabinets

We’re all about the bright springtime vibes of these blue cabinets from @acorn_cottage_.

“It has been determined that more people favor blue more than any other color,” says John Starck Jr., president and CEO of Showcase Kitchens. “The design community no longer relies on bland hues as neutrals. Today, muted shades serve as neutrals that work well with a variety of tones and don’t compete with stronger shades. Dusty blue is an obvious go-to color.”

Get the look: Revamp your kitchen cabinets with a can of Faded Flaxflower.

2. Paneled appliances

If you’re hoping to give your kitchen a more polished look with one change, look no further than these paneled appliances featured by @buildwithdavies.

“Although kitchen appliances have become sleeker and much more refined and luxurious, they are still a rather sizable part of kitchen decor,” says Kobi Karp of Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design. “The use of paneling allows a homeowner to maintain the functionality of the space without interfering with the visual harmony. It also has the added benefit of giving your kitchen a more high-end, custom feel.”

Get the look: Shop this selection of paneled appliances from Lowe’s.

3. Carriage house pendant lights

These carriage house chandeliers featured by @andrea.wiele are a dreamy way to upgrade your kitchen lighting.

“A carriage chandelier, with its sleek silhouette and its straight lines, can add a level of sophistication to any room,” says Karp. “They serve as an eye-catching focal point or as an accent piece to highlight a room’s design aesthetic. These chandeliers add a dash of industrial chic and are surprisingly versatile as well.”

Get the look: Shop this lantern rectangle chandelier from Wayfair.

4. Low-back stools

Old kitchen stools got you down? Then it’s probably time for a sleek upgrade, like these low-back stools from @mylightingsource.

Not only will these stools lend some modern chic to your kitchen, but they also boast a low profile—meaning you can use them when you need them and otherwise store them away.

“Low-back stools are an amazing addition to any kitchen island, and come in many different designs and fabrics,” says Karp. “You’ll want to find a style that’s functional and provides a good level of back support, while still being low-profile enough to easily stow away under a counter.”

Get the look: Get some minimalist chic going in your kitchen with these Lachapelle swivel counter stools from Wayfair.

5. 360-degree wall hooks

A line of wall hooks running around the entire room, as shown by @zioandsons, is the epitome of function meets style.

“Wall hooks have moved beyond pure utilitarianism and can now add a decorative zest to a space,” says Karp. “They allow for functionality as additional storage space without the need to add excessively bulky cabinetry. Hooks also come in a variety of styles and finishes, which allow them to be easily integrated in any kitchen.”

Get the look: Shop this variety of bronze wall hooks from Etsy.