6 Places Around the World for the Perfect Brunch

The versatility and beauty of brunch is nothing new. The popularity of this meal on social media has continued to increase in recent years, being the perfect combination of two delicious meals: breakfast and lunch, resulting in interesting and unusual dishes. Its typical consumption was on weekends and holidays, but today, brunch is consumed without rules, ideal for those who want to have an unpretentious meal in the middle of the morning, with no set end time.

Usually, brunch ends up replacing lunch, so it’s important to include more sustainable foods, in addition to the traditional breakfast dishes. The best-known dishes for this type of meal mix British and American references, adding items from the Full English Breakfast as well as more fresh recipes such as toast with avocado. However, brunch is super adaptable, and is greatly influenced by the culture of the place where it’s being served. So, no matter what country you’re in, tasting brunch at a local restaurant always promises to be a different and interesting experience. With that in mind, L’OFFICIEL has set aside a few places to have the perfect brunch anywhere in the world, as soon as it’s possible to travel safely again.