Asian noodles make delicious comfort food

Light, healthy, visually tempting and so delicious, Asian cuisine is always welcome at my house. Using my well-seasoned wok, I often make stir-fry. Quick and easy, stir-frying is a great way to use up odd amounts of fresh vegetables — a carrot or two, half a cabbage, a few sweet peppers, mushrooms and scallions, some minced garlic and ginger. Searing them in the wok takes only a few minutes. Toss in some leftover grilled chicken or fish, a splash of soy sauce and some toasted sesame seeds. Bring it all together with a large bowl of steamed rice, and dinner is ready. 

On the weekends, I might make sushi. A bit more time consuming, but well worth the effort — it’s really easier than you think. You can even purchase pre-cooked sushi rice. Publix has brown and white sushi rice, ready to roll. I especially like the creative art of making sushi, the interplay of colors, tastes and textures. What’s really great is that you can eliminate the things you don’t enjoy — like those imitation crab sticks. A California roll with fresh jumbo lump crab and perfectly ripe avocado is real sushi. By selecting your own seafood, there’s no wondering about freshness. You can pile the fresh salmon roe on your ikura sushi and sear your tuna to perfection.