Bar Italia, Mizu Sushi And More

The editors of Cleveland Magazine share the best local dishes they ate this month.

James Bigley II, managing editor
Citizen Pie Roman Cafe’s Mushroom Pizza ($5.50)
When a craving strikes, I’m left wanting nothing else but the very thing that makes my mouth water. That’s why I ordered three slices of Citizen Pie Roman Cafe’s mushroom pizza. Loaded with cremini or portobello mushrooms, tomato pesto, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, gooey fontina and burrata, it’s a pie that goes big on presentation and flavor. 2057 E. Fourth St., Cleveland, 216-394-0155,

Bar Italia

Arbela Capas, associated editor

Bar Italia’s Garganelli Diavolo with Shrimp($17)
Pasta is not a new love of mine, but I’ve been looking for fresh ways to indulge in classic Italian. The Garganelli diavolo with shrimp from Bar Italia covers familiar ground with thick garganelli noodles, shrimp and chives but the spicy diavolo sauce added a kick that made me fall in love right away. 15625 Detroit Ave.., Lakewood, 216-303-9699,

Mizu Sushi

Kim Schneider, editor

Mizu Sushi’s Pink Lady Roll($14.50)
There are a few things I look for in sushi: avocado, cream cheese and tuna. Those are my building blocks of a good roll and I love how sushi is a way to experiment. This one also uses salmon, crab, seaweed salad and masago (fish eggs). The kicker for me is the addition of tempura flakes into the heart of the roll. It gives a subtle crunch, while not weighing it down. Any lady can respect a delicate touch like that. 10219 Brookpark Road, Parma, 216-898-0098,

The Proper Pig

Dillon Stewart, associate editor

The Proper Pig Smokehouse’s Texas Hot-Link Sausage ($4)
Sausage is the most underrated meat in barbecue, and what sets Texas-style above the rest. At this Lakewood spot, order it on its own, on the Proper Slopper ($12) or in a two-meat ($13) or three-meat ($17) combo. The sausage sings thanks to its perfectly snappy casing, just-right heat and proprietary beef blend imported from the Lone Star State. 17100 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 440-665-3768,