Blue Bonnet Cafe named the best ‘hole-in-the-wall’ diner in Texas

Looking for the best no-frills home cooking in all of Texas served with bottomless cups of coffee and maybe a salty server on the side?

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The beloved cafe was recently awarded the first place ranking in Texas when Cheapism compiled its list of The Best Hole-In-The-Wall Diners in Every State. That the Blue Bonnet was named the state’s superior all-day breakfast spot certainly comes at no surprise to its extremely loyal clientele, many of whom regularly wait in long lines on weekend mornings for a cozy booth or one of the coveted spots at the counter.

The Blue Bonnet Cafe’s pie case.

Billy Calzada /Staff photographer

“It’s so nice to hear,” owner David Plante said upon receiving the news of this accolade.

Plante attributes the Cafe’s enduring appeal in part to a sense of nostalgia.

“You know, we hear all the time from customers about how they remember their parents taking them to the Blue Bonnet, and now they love taking their kids here.”

The Blue Bonnet Cafe first opened in 1929 on Main Street in Marble Falls, and in 1946 moved to its current location on Highway 281. In-the-know patrons will gladly disabuse newbies of the notion that the Cafe is named after the iconic Texas wildflower; in fact, the title is derived from the actual blue “bonnet” or hat, not the blossom.

Pies include classic flavors from creams to meringues.

Pies include classic flavors from creams to meringues.

Billy Calzada /Staff photographer

Although the Blue Bonnet’s decor, marked by dull beige tones and simple furniture, makes for an ostensibly drab setting, the Cafe nevertheless has a certain interior sparkle. Perhaps it’s from the glossy platters piled high with biscuits and gravy or glistening French toast. Perhaps it’s from the shiny bakery case, stacked with Blue Bonnet’s famous mile-high pies in flavors like coconut meringue and chocolate cream.

But most likely, it’s from a certain energy emitted by jolly customers tucking into a piping hot, cooked-to-order meal, and servers cajoling their regulars into ordering an extra side of home fries. That priceless ambience renders Blue Bonnet a state treasure and most deserving of its hole-in-the-wall honor.