Best Pet Food Container: Cat, Dog Food Storage

Ever wondered how to get your pet to leave a five-star review after their daily dining experience? Well, a good place to start would be giving them fresh, crunchy, delicious food consistently. Food truly is the way to your pet’s heart and to ensure meals (and your pet’s affection) produce a maximum response you should store all the noms in an airtight food storage container, one that keeps out moisture and pests. If the container can be nice enough to keep out in the open, well that’s an added bonus. To help you pick one, we’ve narrowed down pet products

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Iowa’s Favorite Drunk Fast Food is NOT Taco Bell

What do you crave after a night out?

The website Zippia set out to determine the most popular fast food place that people in each state stop at after a night out drinking. In order to complete the study, they say they needed to figure out two things:

1. The fast food everyone craves when drunk
2. Which fast food joints see the biggest influx of tipsy customers

They took a look at popular fast food places and their hours, plus Google Trends on some of the biggest drinking days of the year.

When it comes to fast food, my

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Breaking down three of Columbia’s popular burritos, from inspiration to composition | Food & Drink

In its purest form, the burrito is a tortilla and fillings — bean, rice, protein of some sort and whatever else — wrapped together to make a contained meal.

That base has shifted little over the decades, but there are still plenty of variations on the formula. There are the large, overstuffed burritos popularized by the chain Chipotle (inspired by the behemoths that originated in San Francisco’s Mission district) and there are others that are more subtle and focused on different ingredients.

And in Columbia, there are several popular spots who serve their own variations.

One place that is showing

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Fallout From Nuclear Bomb Tests Is Showing Up in This Popular Food

Fallout “is still out there and disguising itself as a major nutrient.”

Extra Flavoring

Honey from the southeast United States comes with a little bit of extra seasoning: radioactive fallout from the military’s hundreds of aboveground nuclear bomb tests in the middle of the 20th century.

It turns out that plants can confuse radiocesium, a radioactive isotope given off by the nuclear blasts, for the nutrient potassium, Science Magazine reports, a biological mixup that keeps the contaminant moving around within ecosystems decades after exposure. Scientists from the College of William & Mary found shockingly high — but still safe,

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16 Customers Sick After Eating At This Sandwich Chain

A new case of suspected food poisoning at a major fast-food chain is being investigated in Illinois. According to the latest reports, several customers have fallen ill after eating at a Jimmy John’s location in Bloomington.

Food Safety News reports that there have been at least 16 cases of illness, 15 of which were student athletes from Illinois State University’s lacrosse team. According to, a website used for reporting cases of food poisoning, several of them required hospital treatment for fluid replacement because of severe vomiting and diarrhea.

RELATED: Chick-fil-A Announces New Locations In This City and Residents

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5 Shortages Affecting Fast-Food Chains Right Now

The pandemic may be inching toward a resolution in 2021, but the aftereffects of the havoc it wreaked in 2020 are very much still being felt across the food industry.

A new wave of supply chain issues is affecting fast-food chains and causing shortages of several crucial ingredients, as well as workers—factors that are highly likely to affect your next trip to the drive-thru. Here’s what’s currently in short supply across restaurants in America.

And for more, don’t miss McDonald’s Is Closing Down These Locations in Record Numbers.


In early February, news of an impending shortage of chicken wings

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