Valerie Bertinelli Shared Her ‘2nd Most Popular Recipe’ on Food Network and It’s the ‘Flavor of Spring’ on a Plate

Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli just posted on social media her second-most requested recipe on the foodie channel.

Once you see her earthy and vibrant creation, you’ll agree that in this case, there’s nothing wrong with second best.

Valerie Bertinelli, 2017 | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for NYCWFF

The Valerie’s Home Cooking star posted on Instagram recently a photo of her recipe that’s quite popular on the Food Network website.

It’s Bertinelli’s Pea and Mint Risotto and it’s the perfect dish for a springtime supper.

“Pea and Mint Risotto is my second most

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Pizza Barn’s first food truck already popular, more could be on the horizon | Business

Pizza Barn is coming to customers this year with the addition of a new food truck.

For three years, Jody Stay, owner of the Pizza Barn, has been planning on starting up her own food truck. Her initial inspiration came from serving a cheese curd pizza for pizza of the month. The man she bought the cheese curds from offered to help Stay get the pizza to a wider audience.

At the time food trucks were already popular on both coasts of the U.S. Stay learned that they were growing in popularity in the Midwest, with Minneapolis and Chicago being

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Popular Food Truck Has Opened A New Restaurant in Byron

A very popular food truck enjoyed by many across southeast Minnesota has now opened up a restaurant in Byron.

If you are a big fan of The Compadres food trucks, you will want to head to Byron to check out their new restaurant that has opened up as of yesterday. The Compadres announced the opening on their Facebook Page last night.

Photo From The Compadres Facebook Page

Their menu looks fantastic with some great options to choose from including fajitas, chimichangas, and tortas! I know their food is delicious, but now those who are looking for a sit-down meal

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Food Engineer Joins Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Bumpers College

Fred Miller

Ali Ubeyitogullari conducts research on food engineering and novel food processing technologies with a focus on enhancing health benefits and quality of foods. (UA System Division of Agriculture photo by Fred Miller)

Picture this: as you walk to your car after work, you select a meal from a smartphone menu of your favorites and press “send.” By the time you get home, your food is waiting for you in a 3D printer.

Sound like science fiction? Wait … it gets better.

You can give up the guilt over chosing pepperoni pizza three times this week. During your

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We Tried the Most Popular Fast-Food Burritos and This Is the Best One

The simple elegance of a burrito is surprisingly hard to define. Is it in the wrap, neatly folded and functional? Or is it the layering of flavorful ingredients, each independently delicious but somehow even better when mixed?

Whatever it is that keeps us so invested in the Tex-Mex dish, one thing’s for sure—the burrito won’t be going out of style any time soon. The dish is endlessly adored nationwide and perhaps the best evidence of that is the sheer number of fast-food chains constructed around the burrito concept. From Taco Bell to Chipotle, fast-food chains are battling it out every

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Quick Bites: Fast-food chicken sandwiches that’ll surprise you | News

This article got its start, as food-related articles often do, from an argument. My dining partner and I were discussing the different chicken sandwiches that you could get from the fast-food restaurant chains. My dining partner suggested I test a selection of the popular fast-food-style chicken sandwiches and inform you, dear readers, of just what your purchase will cost you, both in your pocket and your digestion.

The Test

I chose five chicken sandwiches, one each from five different fast food-style restaurants. Each sandwich had breast meat of chicken as the main protein source. Each chicken piece was breaded, fried,

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