Hankki Brings Modern Korean Food to Bergen County

Haworth is now the home of Hankki, a new restaurant that serves modern Korean meals with a twist. According to owner Han “Danny” Kim, Hankki means “single meal” in Korean, which is part of the eatery’s theme. In particular, patrons can expect a nutritious and flavorful meal they can eat anywhere.

Hankki is just 1,000-square feet, and you’ll find minimalistic décor to match the size of the space. In fact, the restaurant seats just 8-10 diners inside, with no outdoor seating available. With this in mind, Kim says it’s main purpose is to serve as a takeout spot. “It has clean tones with hints of color to give it a more elegant but young and hip vibe.”

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Hankki boasts Korean cuisine that also combines outside flavors from Kim’s culinary and travel experiences. “The food and style are based on layering flavor,” Kim explains. “Each component has its own character. When pairing and accompanying the components, it can create flavor profiles that are both familiar and new.”

For example, Hankki serves a steak you won’t find elsewhere. First, they butcher a grass-fed strip loin in house for the best cut. Then they cook it using the sous vide technique for a juicy and tender texture. Finally, they top the steak with Korean chive chimichurri sauce for an herby, vinegary kick.“The ‘So Soft Steak’ is a dish that displays both technique and flavor,” Kim says of his favorite dish.


Other fan favorites on the menu include bibimbap and friend chicken. Though the former is a common dish, Kim says Hankki does it a bit different because of their rice. “The rice isn’t your regular white rice. It has been flavored so it serves as a good foundation for every dish,” he says. As for the fried chicken, there is a “long and tedious” process to cooking it. They clean, brine, fry, and cool the chicken before they fry it a second time. Kim describes the end result as being both “crispy and juicy at the same time.”

Even the sauces – staples such as soy, sesame oil, and gochujang – are just a starting base; which Hankki then turns into unique marinades for their dishes.

About The Owner

Kim’s previous restaurant experience comes from New York City spots such as L’Artusi and Quattro Gastronomia Italiana. His trip to Korea is also a source of cultural and culinary inspiration; spending time helping local restaurants and cafes develop their menu, while also running his own food truck and restaurant. “My experience provided me with a good foundation, but I’m continuously learning and perfecting my craft,” Kim says. “All that I’ve experienced in NYC and Korea really helped shape my style of cooking.”

You can visit Hankki at 147 Terrace Street in Haworth. Look for them online to learn more.

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Owner Danny Kim
Owner Danny Kim

Hankki FAQs

Do you accept Reservations?

No (they are mostly takeout).

Are there Gluten-free options?

The So Soft Steak is Gluten-free, yes.

Are there Vegetarian options?

Yes, the mushroom bibimbap is vegetarian.

Do you offer Takeout?

Yes, Hankki offers takeout

Can you offer Delivery?

They offer delivery through their website, yes.

Do you have a Liquor license?

This restaurant does not serve liquor, no.

Is there a Kids’ menu?

No, they do not have a kids’ menu.

All Photos: © Hankki