New Twists on Nature Inspired Countertop Offerings


With people spending so much time indoors in the past year, a yearning for nature and all things connecting to it has emerged. Products with the appearance and texture associated with natural elements are in significant demand, as homeowners look to their surroundings to give them a sense of wellbeing.

The current crop of kitchen countertops significantly plays into the idea of bringing the feeling of nature indoors. Stone-inspired hues and textures are being sought out, and manufacturers are delivering a new take on these ideas through colors and patterns in engineered quartz, solid surface, sintered stone and laminates, to name a few.

Below are some of the hottest trends in countertops right now.

• To combat marble fatigue, new patterns and veining colors are cropping up, providing a fresh take on the ever-popular look.

• Soft neutrals still play best for consumers, with all variations of white, gray and beige in high demand.

• Texture is everywhere, enhancing the natural look of wood- and stone-inspired designs.

• Durability and function are a must, with more people staying at home and trying their hand at cooking and baking, not to mention schoolwork, game playing and all of the other activities happening on the kitchen counter.

• Honed, leather and matte surfaces are gaining on glossy looks, both for their texture and their more natural appearance.

• Kitchens continue to mix and match surface options, with light and dark tones often playing off one another in the same kitchen. This trend also allows for two different materials – from quartz and stone to wood and metal – to co-exist in the same design.