Popular corn dog food truck set to reopen both East Idaho locations Friday, expansions on the horizon | Local

If there’s one thing East Idahoans couldn’t get enough of in 2020, a freshly battered corn dog slathered in honey is likely high on the list.

Micheal O’Neal, the owner of Eastern Idaho’s franchise of The Corn Dog Company, says last year’s success, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, has allowed the company to add four more mobile corn dog wagons to its existing arsenal of trailers in Pocatello and another in Idaho Falls, which are set to open for the season on Friday.

“We had an absolutely incredible first year,” O’Neal said. “We definitely learned a ton through trial and error, but the support we had from the community was amazing. That is why we were able to grow and add these new trailers.”

O’Neal said the location in Pocatello will move a few blocks north for the 2021 season, now setting up shop at 465 Yellowstone in the parking lot adjacent to the former Goodwill thrift store that now houses Counter Strike Supply Company. The Idaho Falls location will remain at the Grand Teton Mall parking lot in front of Best Buy. This year’s season will run from Friday until October 31, O’Neal said. 

Over the next few months, The Corn Dog Company will add a full-time event trailer to cater weddings and attend local fairs and food expos, said O’Neal, adding three other trailers are on the horizon — one in Twin Falls and two in the Treasure Valley area of Nampa and Meridian or Boise.

“We’re still working out the exact locations of the trailers for locations in Nampa, Twin Falls and Boise or Meridian,” O’Neal said.

The rebranded The Corn Dog Company trailer set to open in Idaho Falls and Pocatello and Friday.

A rebrand of the corn dog trailers is also something new and fresh for 2021, O’Neal added. Gone are the yellow trailers, which have been replaced with a dark gray wrap, a larger corn dog painted on the side and a prismatic array of honeycomb hexagons to remind local residents The Corn Dog Company is the self-proclaimed “home of the honey-dog.” In addition to the tried and true breaded and deep-fired ballpark frank condiments of mustard and ketchup (for anyone not named Dirty Harry), The Corn Dog Company prides itself on recommending honey on every corndog.

One aspect this year that won’t change is the menu, said O’Neal, adding that it’s best to be consistent, especially considering the menu last year was a huge hit. No corn dog can compare to the made-from-scratch daily cornbread-style batter dogs at The Corn Dog Company, O’Neal said.

The corn dog menu includes the Epic Dog, a quarter-pound all-beef foot-long dog; the Cheddar Dog, a corn dog filled with smoked cheddar cheese (both are $6). The Mini Dog, an eighth-pound all-beef dog, and the Cheese Bombs, large cornbread pockets filled with pepper jack, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses are each $4. A battered and deep fried Snickers or Milky Way candy bar is $3. The Cheese Pop, a cornbread pocket stuffed with a Babybel cheese round, homemade kettle chips and all canned drinks are $2. You can turn any menu item into a meal — which includes kettle chips and a drink or a cheese pop — for an additional $3.

O’Neal said the 2021 season will feature a significant number of promotional opportunities, for both free food and The Corn Dog Company merchandise.

“We’re going to be doing much more marketing this year and will be doing several promotions throughout the year for free gift cards, t-shirts, hats and other giveaways,” O’Neal said. “We’re most excited about punch card giveaway that will allow people to get a free corn dog once a month.” 

You can follow The Corn Dog Company on both Instagram and Facebook. The Corn Dog Company is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.