Popular food reviewer comes to Cleethorpes to see which is better – Steel’s or Ernie Beckett’s

A popular online food reviewer has this week come to Cleethorpes to give his take on the best fish and chips in the town, Steel’s Corner House or Ernie Beckett’s.

Over the past two days, Food Review Club have been in and around Cleethorpes testing, arguably, the two most famous fish and chip shops to see which they prefer.

The page, which has nearly 150,000 likes and over 250,000 followers, goes up and down the UK, reviewing pubs, takeaways and restaurants. The page began when reviewer Matt began reviewing his local takeouts in Cambridgeshire in 2018.

Now, he’s weighed in on the debate of who has the best fish and chips in Cleethorpes.

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Matt travels the UK reviewing takeaways, restaurants and pubs

In a video reviewing Steel’s Corner House, Matt says “Wherever we go for fish and chips, this is where people tell us to come.

“Straight away, look at the aeration in the batter, people travel far and wide for this.

“This sort of place is legendary, people travel for miles to bring back memories from when they were kids.

“I said I wanted cod and the lady flipped her lid, she told me it is haddock only. It was like I’d insulted them.”

Testing the chips, Matt said:” Interesting, it’s a good chip. Not however, blowing me away.

“Quite stiff and not very crunchy on the outside.”

Before eating the fish, Matt claimed that Grimsby fish market was “the best in the UK.”

Moving on to taste testing the fish, they said: “Absolutely, chuffing incredible. Wow.

Matt reviewed Steel's Corner House before trying Ernie Beckett's
Matt reviewed Steel’s Corner House before trying Ernie Beckett’s

“Their batter is on point. It is light in your mouth and flavoursome. Then this fish is as fresh as you like.

“I’m over the moon we’ve made the two hour trip.”

Following this review, the Food Review Club tried Ernie Beckett’s to see how it fared against its competitor.

“The fact I had to queue for 45 minutes, I kind of liked it a little bit. If the food’s good, cool beans.

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“I’ve gone for, haddock, chips, curry sauce, same as before. A lot more chips, a lot fatter piece of fish.”

“First impressions, that gnarly, quite unique looking batter. Chips in the last place did not impress me.

“This curry sauce, electric orange. Chips are on a different level, that’s a proper chip, soft and crunchy.

“Bit more flavour to it, nicely cooked. Something so simple, but it’s important.

Matt later tried Ernie Beckett's to see whose was better
Matt later tried Ernie Beckett’s to see whose was better

“That curry sauce, dare I say it, taste like a gravy hybrid, it’s yummy. It’s delicious and has a slight warmth to it. It’s not the same old curry sauce you get in every other shop.”

Upon tasting the fish, Matt immediately declared his winner. “It’s better, I’m sorry to say it. Everyone, Cleethorpes, the fish and chip shop war is over.

“I thought the fish and batter were good at Steel’s, here, it’s the full package.

“Bravo Ernie Beckett’s.”

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