Popular food truck in Paradise expands into restaurant

PARADISE, Calif. – As the town of Paradise continues to rebuild after the Camp Fire, we’re seeing more new businesses start to open on the ridge.

E&J’s Mobile Kitchen in Paradise has now expanded into a restaurant, but the owner says the road to get here was challenging.

“It’s definitely a sigh of relief,” said E&J’s owner, Elizabeth Jernberg.

Jernberg has always dreamed of owning her own food business. She was about to achieve that dream when she purchased a new food truck back in October of 2018.

“We were set to open on November 14th of 2018, but on the 8th, it burned down in the fire. So we never got to open E&J’s because of the fire,” she said.

But Jernberg didn’t let that get in the way of her dreams, she went on to buy a new food truck just a few months later.

Not long after that, she went into action, helping donate thousands of meals to fire survivors, include those who were impacted by The North Complex Fire.

“When that fire happened, it hit close to home and so without notice to anyone, we up and left and sat at Lakeside Market making hot meals,” she said.

Now, the business is back serving fresh meals on the ridge, with a new building. The restaurant, E&J’s Kitchen, was set to open last year in March, but because of the pandemic, that was delayed.

Jernberg says the restaurant just opened on Tuesday and the food truck is back after being away for months helping fire survivors.

“It felt good. It was a sigh of relief knowing we had so much support here.” She also added, “We have some ideas up our sleeves and hopefully we can accomplish those goals in less than a year, and we don’t plan on ever leaving Paradise,” she said.

Jernberg says she plans to continue using her food truck to help with disaster recovery whenever she can.

This Friday, they will be giving away free salmon at the restaurant starting at 11 a.m. until they run out.

Both the food truck and the restaurant are located at 7655 Skyway in Paradise.