Remembering some of the old Dell Rapids cafes

Back in the day, Dell Rapids was not short of restaurants, for there were many operating on Main street that all served wonderful food and much hospitality!

Walt and Bernice Shelquist opened the Dells Cafe on the north side of the street in 1938. Bernice and her help, four lovely waitresses, operated the cafe until Walt returned home in 1945 after serving in World War II.

In 1946, Bernice and Walt were married, and later two daughters, Mary Jo and Patty were born. They continued to operate the restaurant until 1973, which at that time they sold it to Jack and Susie Wing.

Dells Cafe waitress from the late 1940s (left-to-right): Ardis Nyhus Munk, Deloris Maseman Nebben, Marcie Dieken Ellingson, and Lillian Brende Wilson.

They renamed it Wing’s Cafe, serving the best Chinese food, along with many other delectables, even tacos!

Melanie Burggraff shared with me her story when she and some of her friends from grade school ventured upstairs of the cafe to Wing’s living quarters, wanting to introduce themselves to their five daughters and also welcome them to Dell Rapids and to their school.