Sakara Life Cookbook For Healthy Home Cooking Review

For the uninitiated: NYC-based Sakara is a wellness-focused brand that specializes in the clean-eating lifestyle. It’s best known for its plant-based meal-delivery service that infamously costs a very pretty penny; the three-day plan costs about $239 total (including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) and the five-day plan is about $349 total. Having tried out Sakara previously, I can confirm that the nourishing meals are hyped up for delicious reasons — the expenses, however, are much tougher to swallow. But, with such an impassioned fanbase (Sakaraheads?), workarounds to living that luxury clean-eating life for less have surfaced: “I cannot afford the meal plan so I bought the cookbook about a year ago. It’s honestly my favorite. It’s a bit pretentious and some of the dishes are a bit complicated but they are all absolutely delicious and have helped me look and feel my best. I didn’t know salads could taste so good. Highly recommend,” one R29 reader commented on our review of Sakara’s meal-delivery service. Intrigued at the prospect of eating like Gwyneth Paltrow for a fraction of the cost, I decided to check out the founders’ bestselling cookbook, Eat Clean, Live Dirty, featuring 240 pages of cult-favorite recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and more for the comparatively low price of $29 on Sakara’s website, or $24 on Amazon. Read on to follow my journey of making Sakara’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts from scratch at home — including how much $$$ I actually was able to save and if the effort was worth the reward. I made meals for a week and highlighted four of my favorites below.