Small Kitchen Tools That Won’t Take Space In Your Kitchen

As any small space dweller knows, every single inch has to work twice as hard when your cooking space is limited. Even if it means to find some creative solutions. Good quality kitchen tools are always a great and useful investment any many a times size needn’t matter. There are tons of space-saving products out there to make cooking seem less like a chore an more of an enjoyable experience and we pick some of the best for you. Click through to see our picks for the best small-kitchen tools that might just make your life easier.

Small, Space-Saving Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

1. Kurtzy Over The Sink Dish Rack

This dish drainer sits over your sink when you’re done washing up, without any extra countertop space taken up with a bulky dish drainer.

(48 ratings & 117 reviews)

2. Callas Shelf Insert

These shelves are nonetheless probably the most useful – turning one shelf into three and doubling your storage space instantly.

3. Sterling Cutlery Organiser

One drawer for many sets of cutlery is never going to work unless you incorporate this graduated organizer. It stores just as much as a regular flat cutlery organizer but uses half the space.

(56 ratings & 163 reviews)

4. Bleqys 2-Tier Corner Organiser

These corner shelves make storage space out of the corner of your countertop. This kitchen rack comes with strong iron rods and can hold a maximum load of your utensils.

(51 ratings & 139 reviews)

5. Oxdigi Over The Sink Cutting Board

This over-the-sink cutting board style gives you an extra unit of counter space and provides a colander bowl to hold your chopped veggies or your pre-chopped ones. The reusable basket has a convenient space-saving design for efficient storage.

6. Indian Decor Wall-Mounted Mug Rack

Wall-mounting storage is the best way to free up space on your counters and in your cupboards or drawers. This hanging rack is perfect for the kitchen and has enough different elements to make sure all those mugs and more find a new space.

7. Kaptron Collapsible Measuring Cups

These jewel-tone measuring cups collapse down to less than one inch in size, making them easy to store in tight kitchen drawers and even fun for decor.

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