How some of America’s favorite fast foods became popular

Food Americana

A former insurance agent was the genius behind White Castle; Academy Award-winner Yul Brenner had a starring role in making sushi popular; and a US president’s trip to China is one reason we order Kung Pao chicken in America. 

Those are just some of the nuggets served up in the new book, “Food Americana: The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories Behind America’s Favorite Dishes” (Mango Publishing) by David Page, the creator of the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” 

Page looks at what and who shaped dishes, often imported from other countries, into unique American offerings. Here are

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‘America’s best restaurant’ made 60 feet of sandwiches for the Super Bowl, because Philly

Kalaya’s giant pork belly banh mi special sold out ~super~ fast.


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Kalaya, the Italian Market spot that sings with the flavors of Southern Thailand, shined in the national spotlight last year. Food & Wine named the tiny BYOB one of the country’s best new restaurants, and Esquire gave it top honors, calling it No. 1 in the entire U.S.

What does a place lauded for its cuisine from across the globe do for Super Bowl

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