Baking the old-fashioned way at Maxie B’s | Food & Cooking

The mixers start to whir early in the morning inside the gleaming white kitchen at Maxie B’s. Bakers methodically pour organic flour into a large silver bowl, then crack brown-shelled farm eggs, their sunny yellow yolks stirring up tiny clouds of flour as they fall into the bowl. Soon, the mixture will go into one of the waiting ovens, warm from the cakes and pies already baked earlier that day.

Maxie B’s bakery in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The staff at Maxie B’s — a Southern-style bakery serving handmade cakes, pies, cookies and more in Greensboro, North Carolina — has to

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Ravneet Gill’s recipe for coffee, cardamom, almond and mascarpone cake | Baking

I’m a big fan of coffee-flavoured anything: ice-cream, cake, actual coffee – just give it to me. But when it comes to ordering a slice of coffee cake, nine times out of 10 I find it to be dry and cardboard-like. So I set about testing a few versions, and found that the oil-based versions were best. Honey & Co in London sells one of the best I’ve had: it’s a Turkish coffee cake with cardamom and walnut, so I’ve taken my memory of that cake to form the base flavours for this one.

Coffee, cardamom, almond and

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Randy Brock: Baking a broadband cake that will serve all of Vermont

This commentary is by Randy Brock, a Republican state senator from Franklin County. He is the Senate minority leader and a member of the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Information Technology Oversight Committee. 

Imagine if you were baking a birthday cake and you had the benefit of having the Vermont Senate Finance Committee helping you. 

That’s what it’s like as we debate how to extend broadband throughout Vermont. The birthday we want to celebrate is coming soon and we have to make decisions about what kind of cake we want, who will bake it and how it will be

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Hudson Valley Baker in Finale of Food Network Baking Championship

I’m a huge fan of the Food Network and I follow a lot of their challenges, but I’ve never really watched any of their baking challenges. Maybe because I’m not a very good baker myself. Anyway, the past couple of months  I have actually been watching Food Network’s Spring Baking Challenge and I’m hooked.

The reason I’m hooked is because Dutchess County native Derek Corsino is in the challenge. And he has done so well that he is headed for the finale this Monday night at 9. There have been ups and downs for Derek through this challenge. In fact,

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Macon, GA, man starts cake baking business ‘on a fluke’


James Havior, owner of home-based Havior Cake Factory, pours lemon pound cake batter into a pan before placing in the oven.

[email protected]

James Havior of Macon calls himself the slick baker.

His home -based, cake-baking business is Havior Cake Factory. His business slogan, “HaviorCakeandeatit2.”

He’s known by word of mouth and via his business Facebook page.

“I actually started on a fluke,” said Havior, a dialysis technician and certified nursing assistant. “I already had been baking cakes — just trying out different recipes and getting people to test them out and taking them to people.

“And one of

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Baking the best of it: Paige Tolley uses restrictions to start business

MOSES LAKE — Paige Tolley started her own business, Paige’s Custom Cakes, last summer because she said there wasn’t much to do.

Summer 2020 was full of restrictions, canceled activities and closed places. It all left teenagers like Tolley, a sophomore at Moses Lake High School, without a lot of options. So she came up with something to do.

“I took an interest in cakes,” she said.

And it wasn’t only making cakes — she wanted to see if she could turn it into a business.

“I have a lot of time on my hands, so I could make something

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