Wisconsin woman sues Bagel Bites over cheese fraud

Ever since the ’90s, kids and adults alike have enjoyed the cheesy, crunchy goodness that is Bagel Bites. But a new lawsuit claims that the pint-sized pizza snacks aren’t actually made with real cheese or real tomato sauce.

As first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the federal lawsuit was filed at the end of April and alleges that Kraft Heinz has deceived consumers by including the “Real” dairy seal when its product “does not contain ‘real’ mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, as these foods are understood and expected by consumers.”

Bagel Bites are pint-sized pizza snacks that come
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Best Bites at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Parks Best Bites May Edition: Disney Parks Blog

This Walt Disney World Resort edition of Best Bites is jam-packed with a new opening announcement, fun menu offerings, and, of course, all things to celebrate a favorite day of the year for fans of Star Wars – May the 4th Be With You! Read on for all the delicious details.

The Child Mini Dome Cake and Millennium Falcon Chocolate Pop

Counting down to May the 4th Be With You! Check out all the creative tastes and sips.

Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs

  • The Child Mini Dome Cake – Vanilla chiffon cake with cookies and cream mousse (available April 30-May
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BEST BITES: Blue’s Cafe knows breakfast | Food & Drink

“Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life.” — A. A. Gill

Did you ever watch those television shows from the ‘50s and ‘60s for instance, “The Donna Reed Show” or “Leave It To Beaver”? You know the ones with Moms wearing lace aprons and pearls while preparing a beautiful breakfast for their family? Clean kitchens, perfect children and always time for talk over pancakes.

But how many people have time for a leisurely breakfast in the morning? I certainly don’t! During my week it’s

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Quick Bites: Fast-food chicken sandwiches that’ll surprise you | News

This article got its start, as food-related articles often do, from an argument. My dining partner and I were discussing the different chicken sandwiches that you could get from the fast-food restaurant chains. My dining partner suggested I test a selection of the popular fast-food-style chicken sandwiches and inform you, dear readers, of just what your purchase will cost you, both in your pocket and your digestion.

The Test

I chose five chicken sandwiches, one each from five different fast food-style restaurants. Each sandwich had breast meat of chicken as the main protein source. Each chicken piece was breaded, fried,

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