Here are the 4 best budget-friendly sandwiches food critic Tan Vinh ate this month

Compact and transportable, and most of all affordable, many of the sandwiches on this list are priced at $10 or less. And they hold up better than other mushy takeout options. Below are the best budget sandwiches I ate this month.

The Ebi Katsu Sando from Grillbird Teriyaki

Price: $9.49

6501 35th Ave. S.W.; Seattle; 206-402-4388;

Fast-food joints are trying to Jedi-mind trick us into thinking that the fish fillet is the new chicken sandwich. I still haven’t tasted a fish sandwich I like. But I will devour Grillbird Teriyaki’s homage to McDonald’s fish fillet — a square shrimp

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