REVIEW: New St. Patrick’s Day Irish Car Bundt Cake is Worth The Drive To Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

The Walt Disney World Resort is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with festive new treats. We released the full list of limited-time treats available across the resort this month, and feel pretty lucky to be trying this Irish stout Bundt cake at The Artist’s Palette.

Irish Car Bundt Cake — $4.49

Irish stout Bundt cake with Irish cream mousse and Irish whiskey caramel (available Mar. 8-18)


This adorable Irish stout Bundt cake is superb. The bundt cake is filled with bright green icing swags and perfectly placed crispy gold pearls.


The shamrock on top is made of white chocolate.


This dessert

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Make your Bundt cakes green for a perfect springtime treat

The gorgeous color and texture of this popular cake come from the addition of a packet of dry pistachio pudding mix. This was my first time using pudding mix in a cake, and I doubt it will be the last. The crumb on this cake is wonderfully moist and tender, even several days after baking.

Chopped pistachios become tender and chewy when baked into the cake, and a packet of pistachio pudding produces great color and a wonderfully moist crumb texture. Sarah Nasello / The Forum

Most recipes I encountered online were shortcut versions, in that they used a packaged

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