The best paints for kitchen cabinets – the expert guide to getting it right

Are you tired of your kitchen but can’t bear the upheaval – and cost – of replacing it? Are the cabinets in good condition but you just don’t like the color or the dull wood shade? Then why not overhaul them with one of the best paints for kitchen cabinets? It’s one of the easiest modern kitchen cabinet ideas to do, and with the right preparation could make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Here is what the professionals say  to get the best results.

The Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 

green kitchen cabinets

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How to Transition from Cabinets to Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

lost creek farm wisconsin white kitchen shelves

Christopher Churchill

Over the last decade, modern kitchen design has veered away from traditional cabinetry, replacing it with casual, open storage that allows for easily accessible and prettily displayed collections. The challenge? Figuring out how to make the switch to open shelving in a way that optimizes both beauty and function. To help you do just that, we asked several professional organizers for their best advice on trading in cabinets for exposed storage. The secret? It all starts with streamlining your current collection.

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