Pickle pizza, Cheetos funnel cake and 5 other odd foods at Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair is typically the first in the nation instead of during the summer like most, so it gets the first crack at the wonders of the deep fryer. Remember that glazed doughnut hamburger now found at most fairs? It debuted here.

Because of the pandemic, the fair was delayed by two months, opening April 22 and running through May 2.

This year you’ll find a pickle pizza, a Hot Cheetos Funnel Cake and a twist on tater tots with peanut butter and spicy jelly among the gut busters. The vendors like to play with expectations, making “nachos”

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Cheetos funnel cake, pickle pizza and gelato nachos: Here are the new foods to try at this year’s Florida State Fair

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – One of the things the Florida State Fair is known best for is the yearly line-up of wacky, tasty foods offered by various vendors. And now, those new items for the 2021 event have been announced.

The Florida State Fair runs from April 22 through May 2, and vendors are offering the following delectable dishes for purchase:

(Courtesy Florida State Fair)

Flaming Hot Cheetos Funnel CakeThe Best Around

For those looking for a little kick with their funnel cake, The Best Around has a solution with their Flaming Hot Cheetos option. According to the

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