Costco Is Making These 6 Changes to Its Food Court

Grocery stores have started making big changes as summer gets closer and pandemic rules loosen (bye, product purchasing limits!). And the same goes for the food court at Costco. The eat-in section of the beloved warehouse is growing, and old, discontinued favorites are being made available again. Plus, even the way the food court operates is being updated.

Read on for all the changes to Costco’s food court you need to know before your next visit so you can enjoy a post-shopping treat! And for more, check out these 10 Popular Products Coming Back To Costco This Year.



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Costco confirms food courts will be making a comeback

As more Americans get vaccinated and stores across the country loosen their COVID-19 restrictions ever so slightly, Costco has some exciting news for fans of the store’s popular food courts.

In an interview with CNN Wednesday, Costco’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti confirmed the store’s food courts are indeed set to make a comeback and said he believes they will eventually return to normal operations.

“God willing. But it’s going to take some time,” he said.

As many Costco devotees will recall, the store shut down seating areas in its food courts at the beginning of the pandemic. In

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6 Costco Bakery Favorites You Can Get Right Now

Come one, come all! The Costco bakery section is a circus of treats specially made in-store that are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. But like the recent start of spring, the items come and go with the seasons.

This can make it difficult to plan your grocery list before your journey to your neighborhood warehouse. To make things easier, we’ve gathered intel about the bakery favorites that are available right now.

These cakes, cookies, and pastries may be loaded with sugars or other less than healthy ingredients, so remember to enjoy them in moderation. For more about

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Costco Reopening Food Courts, Adding Back Menu Items

  • Costco is adding seating back to food courts as restrictions are lifted.
  • The food courts pared down offerings during the pandemic.
  • Costco execs say the food court is key to drawing customers in.
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Costco has plans to reopen seating in food courts soon, CNN reported.

In March of 2020, Costco closed down seating areas at food courts and cut back menus. Early in the pandemic, members could only buy hot dogs and pizzas to-go. Now, things are finally getting back to normal. Ice cream, smoothies, and churros are back on the menu, and

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10 Popular Products Coming Back To Costco This Year

A trip to Costco is an unusually comforting act for many of the chain’s die-hard supporters. But when go-to items suddenly disappear from shelves without explanation, customers can immediately feel a huge sense of loss that goes way beyond not being able to fill your fridge.

Fortunately, not all disappearances from the shelves of the warehouse retailer are permanent. Below are some of the most popular products that will be coming back to Costco this year.

And for more on how to navigate your local warehouse, here are Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists.

Courtesy of Playstation
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9 Costco Bakery Favorites That Have Vanished From Shelves

Costco’s die-hard fans may keep coming back thanks to how convenient and affordable it can be to shop there. But the icing on the cake for many can sometimes be the warehouse retailer’s wildly popular bakery department, which rolls out fresh bread and sweet treats that tend to fill shoppers’ carts. Unfortunately, product changes are a part of every business—and in this warehouse’s case, some popular baked goods wind up dropped from the Costco lineup and are gone for what seems like an eternity.

Whether it’s a seasonal change or a permanent drop, some beloved baked goods aren’t always available

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