Owner relocating Brewer’s Cafe and turning current space into juice bar

Brewer’s Cafe plans to relocate to 1012 Hull St. this summer, where it will unveil a larger menu partially sourced from the owner’s now-shuttered waffle house. (Jack Jacobs photos)

After winding down his waffle shop and in the midst of growing a new juice brand, Anthony “A.J.” Brewer is on the move in Manchester.

Brewer is relocating his Brewer’s Cafe, which has operated since 2015 at the corner of Bainbridge and 12th streets, to a new space at 1012 Hull St.

The new cafe will be similar to the current concept, but will also feature a full bar

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Best of Taos: Current top 10 results so far | Best of Taos

As promised, here is a sneak peak at the current top 10 results in each of the pre-populated Best of Taos 2021 survey categories. These results ARE NOT FINAL. Your votes will continue to be accepted and counted until the polls officially close on April 9th at midnight!

These results only represent only those categories for which the options were preset.  

The results of write-in categories takes longer to evaluate, and will only be revealed after the polls close.

The following results were last updated March 29, 2021 at 1:21pm.

Best Restaurant?
Medley => 123 
Love Apple => 110 
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Leveraging Current Social Media Trends

Expert Advice

Denise Grothouse | March 5, 2021

Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer an insightful glimpse into the current mindset, buying preferences and “hot buttons” of many of today’s kitchen and bath consumers.

Consumers, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, are moving from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to FOGO (Fear of Going Out), and through this lens it’s obvious that touchless and safe interactions are paramount. Additionally, consumers are responding to altruism and brands that demonstrate social responsibility.

Emerging product and lifestyle trends serve as a guide for brands when deciding the components

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