Sweet Roast Cafe sees successful opening – LaGrange Daily News

The coffee is hot and ready. 

Sweet Roast Café in downtown LaGrange recently opened and their shop has had a revolving door ever since. 

“We have been really busy and have been getting here early every morning just making coffee,” said coffee shop owner Jessica Brown. “Honestly, we didn’t realize how busy we would be, but it’s been really good. I think the community has really loved it. I’ve heard nothing but really good things about it.” 

What was once the front shop of a dance studio was renovated into a full-fledged café and bakery. 

To add to the local

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It’s spring! Let’s bake hot cross muffins, flourless chocolate cake, blueberry scones | Gwinnett Daily Post Food and Recipes

Springtime means it’s time to clean out the closets. As sweaters hibernate for the summer months, so do the comfort foods and confections that got us through the winter.

We’re grilling instead of roasting, serving salads rather than slow-cooked sides and making not-so-sweet scones instead of sugar cookies. Sure, the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs might make an appearance or two in coming weeks, but in general, you may be craving lighter desserts, so we’ve gathered four springtime baking recipes for you to try now that the temperature is warmer and the sunset later.

The hot cross muffins are a

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The best warm weather spots in to enjoy in State College | Column | Columns | Opinion | Daily Collegian

With warmer weather returning to State College this week, and a wellness day Thursday, it is a great time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

For myself, I welcome the warmer weather returning, as the frigid wind chill and countless snow storms have forced me to remain inside my apartment for a bulk of this semester thus far.

With only so many places to go with cold weather (grocery store, library, etc.), I have gotten a little stir crazy in my bedroom.

As the temperature is set to reach the mid-60s this week, I plan on taking this as

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