Fare from afar: Chef shares authentic ingredients, dishes of Portuguese cuisine to transport your taste buds

What better way to explore a culture than through its cuisine?

After missing out on eating our way through new cities over the last year, “Good Morning America” Food decided to chat up chefs from around the globe to bring us into their kitchen and share a taste of their fare from afar.

Use this as your guide to explore a new culture and cuisine in three ways: In your own kitchen with the chef’s advice below; eating at a local restaurant in your neighborhood or city that specializes in these foods; and as a conversation starter once you

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Buena Onda takes fresh look at vegan fare

A new wave has washed over St. Augustine, bringing a tide of Latin spice, healthy eating, and a bright, comfortable atmosphere.

Buena Onda, meaning “good vibes” or literally “good wave” in Spanish, opened its doors in early February. On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a full-service café featuring espresso drinks, plant-powered lattes, vegetarian and vegan dishes with a Latin American twist, and a selection of grab-and-go baked goods and drinks.

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Ancient City Eats:Falafel Queen corners market with Middle Eastern favorites

Ancient City Eats:

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