Valerie Bertinelli Shared Her ‘2nd Most Popular Recipe’ on Food Network and It’s the ‘Flavor of Spring’ on a Plate

Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli just posted on social media her second-most requested recipe on the foodie channel.

Once you see her earthy and vibrant creation, you’ll agree that in this case, there’s nothing wrong with second best.

Valerie Bertinelli, 2017 | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for NYCWFF

The Valerie’s Home Cooking star posted on Instagram recently a photo of her recipe that’s quite popular on the Food Network website.

It’s Bertinelli’s Pea and Mint Risotto and it’s the perfect dish for a springtime supper.

“Pea and Mint Risotto is my second most

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Portland’s best boba tea shop, 5 Flavor Cafe is a ‘business of love’

Steve and Vy Chao spent months traveling around Asia after retiring from careers in the tech industry.

When they returned to the United States, the two noticed that many of the foods and flavors they missed “didn’t exist” in the Portland metropolitan area. So they set off to recreate them here.

In February 2018, the Chaos opened 5 Flavor Cafe just south of Washington County’s Oak Hills neighborhood. In addition to a unique drink menu, the cafe also serves popcorn chicken and various treats like taiyaki — custard-filled, fish-shaped pastries — and mochi muffins made at the couple’s year-old business,

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Mushrooms and other flavor enhancers

Mushrooms are unique in the food realm because they do not fall into either the plant or animal kingdoms. Instead, they are one of many organisms in the kingdom of fungi. We usually think of the more colorful fruits and vegetables being indicators of good health, but even though they are less colorful, mushrooms bring their own unique nutrition and flavor contributions to the table.

There are over one thousand edible mushrooms of which about twenty are available commercially. Some common types include button, portabella, cremini, shiitake, porcini, oyster, chanterelle, enoki, beech, and royal trumpet.

As with plant foods, types

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These Phoenix Women Were Tasked with Baking a Life-Size Cake of Flavor Flav


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Rebecca Hauger and Mara Hodge weren’t strangers to baking or reality TV when, earlier this year, they were asked to sculpt a gigantic cake bearing the likeness of Flavor Flav.

The couple — baking fanatics who met in 2018 and got engaged the next year, but came to the hobby separately — are the founders of Geek Desserts, a home-based bakery. Hodge has competed on a Minecraft-themed episode of Cake Wars, while Hauger starred on the

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