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(NAPSI)—Springtime in California brings a plethora of vibrant, local ingredients, including fresh California avocados, for home and professional chefs alike to elevate their seasonal dishes. This …

(NAPSI)—Trying to incorporate more healthy foods into your cooking repertoire? Think California Sweetpotatoes. Nutritious and delicious, California Sweetpotatoes are filled with plenty of vitamins …

(NAPSI)—Doesn’t it seem like the most wonderful time of the year is actually the most stressful time of the year? Add to that a global pandemic, virtual schooling and working from home and it may …

(NAPSI)—Imagine this: consuming a few small bites a day can help you

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Golden Gate 11-year-old bakes masterful cakes

Alissa Telusca is redefining the sweet dream.

If she has her way, it might look like a cow with a pink, dimpled grin. Or it might look like mermaids diving into a crumby sandbar, fins and flippers waving skyward. Or it might look like Bullseye, the Target mascot, eyeing you from a swirl of buttercream.

These are all cakes sixth-grader has baked, decorated and delivered for hungry tummies to devour.

“It’s not really that hard, but sometimes my cakes don’t end up the best,” the 11-year-old Golden Gate resident said. “When a cake messes up, you can’t just give

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