Orange County’s Best New Restaurants of 2021

Photographs by Emily J. Davis

A mindful look at our dining landscape reveals changes that were unfathomable a year ago. So much has been lost and gained, invented and deferred. It’s a lot to digest, so we’re breaking down the metamorphosis in servings of five. Among the many lessons, we’ll never lose sight of this truth: Restaurants are essential.

Restaurant of the Year: Porch & Swing

➜ Porch & Swing Is Our 2021 Restaurant Of The Year


➜ Mayfield Features California Cuisine with Timeless Mediterranean Flavors


➜ Glasspar is a Spiffy Seafooder with a Deluxe Fish

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#407Day supports Orange County restaurants

ORLANDO, Fla. – On the corner of Edgewater Drive in College Park, there’s a spot in which many locals are familiar.

The College Park Cafe is a place where customers can eat American and Cuban food.

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Every Wednesday, Randy Crain and his friends go to the restaurant to meet and eat.

“The food seems to be like your mother would cook,” Crain said. “We enjoy going to a local place because it’s more quaint and enjoyable. It’s like you

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Be ready to host friends again with Bolo de Laranja (orange cake)

When traveling abroad, Americans are often surprised to find that, in many countries, dinnertime is usually much later than what they’ve come to expect in their everyday lives.

In my home country of Brazil, dinner is typically served around 9 p.m.

Although this takes some adjusting every time I visit, I tend to prefer a later dinner. The main reason being more time to enjoy “lanchinhos” in the late afternoon.

Lanchinho (lung-sh-ing-o) is what Brazilians, like my grandmothers, call their afternoon snack or teatime.

In their households a variety of baked snacks are always on hand in case a neighbor

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