How to make delicious pimento cheeseburgers for your Masters party

Pimento cheese is a delicious addition to a juicy burger.

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You know it as the satisfying centerpiece of a famous sandwich. But pimento cheese is a versatile ingredient, suited to a range of delicious preparations. Robert Wohlfeil is executive chef at Thr3 Jack, a golf-themed restaurant in Minneapolis that has six indoor simulators and a menu stocked with farm-fresh American fare. In celebration of the Masters, asked Chef Wohlfeil to recommend other uses for pimento cheese, aside from simply spreading it on bread. Here’s the third of four recipes he’ll share

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Food review: Ready to party with taco treats

There appears to be an error on the webpage. It’s almost as delicious as the food that’s delivered to the door.

On Club Mexicana’s Megabox Taco Kit it describes a stack of food that is basically a party, rather than a dinner. And above all of that, it promises this: 100% vegan – 100% delicious! I’ve cut and copied that from their website, just to make sure.

So, we’re looking for vegan. We’re looking for delicious. Let’s see what’s on the list.

A Stack of Corn Tortillas – sounds good.

Ground Spiced ‘Beef’ – sounds less than vegan.

Ground ‘beef’
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