Breaking down three of Columbia’s popular burritos, from inspiration to composition | Food & Drink

In its purest form, the burrito is a tortilla and fillings — bean, rice, protein of some sort and whatever else — wrapped together to make a contained meal.

That base has shifted little over the decades, but there are still plenty of variations on the formula. There are the large, overstuffed burritos popularized by the chain Chipotle (inspired by the behemoths that originated in San Francisco’s Mission district) and there are others that are more subtle and focused on different ingredients.

And in Columbia, there are several popular spots who serve their own variations.

One place that is showing

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Fallout From Nuclear Bomb Tests Is Showing Up in This Popular Food

Fallout “is still out there and disguising itself as a major nutrient.”

Extra Flavoring

Honey from the southeast United States comes with a little bit of extra seasoning: radioactive fallout from the military’s hundreds of aboveground nuclear bomb tests in the middle of the 20th century.

It turns out that plants can confuse radiocesium, a radioactive isotope given off by the nuclear blasts, for the nutrient potassium, Science Magazine reports, a biological mixup that keeps the contaminant moving around within ecosystems decades after exposure. Scientists from the College of William & Mary found shockingly high — but still safe,

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This Popular Fast-Food Chain Just Announced an Expansion Into Walmart

Fast-food chain Nathan’s Famous has just announced an expansion to 100 new locations this year, and many of them are expected to be located in Walmart stores.

According to a press release, the hot-dog chain is partnering with Ghost Kitchen Brands (GKB), a company that operates ghost kitchens inside Walmarts across Canada in order to bring customers food from fast-food brands like The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, Monster Cupcakes, and Quiznos.

RELATED: This Fast-Food Chain Just Created Two Very Different Chicken Sandwiches

The collaboration will bring Nathan’s menu items, including those of their recently launched virtual brand Wings of New

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Popular food truck adding first brick-and-mortar in Irondale

By Erica Thomas, managing editor

IRONDALE — Eat at Panoptic, a full-service food truck that operates in the Birmingham-metro, is moving into its first brick-and-mortar building.

The new restaurant will be in the location of the former Green Acres Cafe, at 1819 Crestwood Blvd, in Irondale. The building has been renovated inside and out.

Executive Chef Raquel Ervin has had a lifelong passion for food, according to the Eat at Panoptic website.

“Eat at Panoptic prides itself with offering premier culinary services and southern hospitality to its clients,” the website states.

The business will now offer cafe eating, food

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This Popular Fast-Food Chain Just Announced Dozens of New Locations In Walmart

Eat This, Not That!

The Easiest Healthy Hack for Dinner, According to a Dietitian

It’s easy to say you want to eat healthier, but putting that mantra into practice isn’t as simple as it seems. “Should I cut out this food? What foods should I eat more of? How should I prepare my food?” The questions go on and on… To help us cut down on all the nutritional chatter, we talked to a dietitian to ask her for her easy dinner hack that will actually help you to eat healthier:”Add a vegetable! Any vegetable will do—but add one!” says

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Indian-origin billionaire brothers buy popular UK fast food chain Leon

Indian-origin billionaire brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa have acquired a popular British fast food chain, Leon, as part of what they described as their goal to grow their foodservice operations in Britain.

The Issa brothers, whose parents moved to the UK from Gujarat in the 1970s, own the Euro Garages chain of petrol stations as part of their EG Group business.

Last year, they acquired leading UK supermarket chain Asda from US owners Walmart as part of the strategy to expand their non-fuel business.

Leon, Founded by John Vincent,

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