Bless Your Spoon: Pound cake recipes date back to 1700s – Davie County Enterprise Record

By Stephanie Williams Dean

Bless Your Spoon

This week and next, we’ll be reading some of the oldest and most popular recipes for cake – the southern pound cakes. A true pound cake recipe is one that dates back to the 1700s.

Consider that here in the South, this cake is part of our food heritage – that alone makes me love it. Originally, the cake earned the name because of how it’s made – originally with a pound of each – butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. When I imagine an ancestral great-grandparent baking that Southern Butter Pound recipe, the

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Best Raspberry Almond Pound Cake Recipe

Andrew Bui

We love a classic pound cake, but it never hurts to fancy things up a bit.This one uses both almond flour and extract to give it extra almond-y flavor then gets topped with more almonds after being drizzled with a beautiful glaze. The inside is studded with ripe raspberries for a pop of tartness. It’s a stunning cake that works well for dessert or a midday treat.

Have you made this yet? Let us know how it went in the comments below!  

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Peg’s 2-2-2-2-6 Pound Cake | A Coalcracker in the Kitchen

The name of the recipe, “2-2-2-2-6 Pound Cake”,  comes from the list of ingredients, as you will see.

The recipe for this super easy pound cake was given to me by my best friend, Peg, from Ashland, PA in the heart of the Schuylkill County area of The Coal Region. It was one her Pennsylvania Dutch Mom would bake when she was a girl and they lived in Bethlehem, PA.

The first time I ever had it was when I went to visit Peg and she had made fresh strawberry shortcake for our dessert after dinner. I had not seen

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Best Lemon Pound Cake Recipe

Mike Garten

Loaded with heaps of fragrant lemon zest and fresh lemon juice, this decadent lemon pound cake is for true lemon dessert lovers or anyone looking for a bright, sunny sweet. Be sure to get an extra lemon for the topping, because the cake is amazing on its own, but it’s even better with a generous drizzle of sweet-tart lemon glaze.

Baked in a Bundt pan, the cake comes out looking naturally Insta-worthy, with plenty of peaks and valleys to catch all of that delicious glaze.

How to make Lemon Pound Cake

Start by prepping your pan: Very generously

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