Valerie Bertinelli Shared Her ‘2nd Most Popular Recipe’ on Food Network and It’s the ‘Flavor of Spring’ on a Plate

Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli just posted on social media her second-most requested recipe on the foodie channel.

Once you see her earthy and vibrant creation, you’ll agree that in this case, there’s nothing wrong with second best.

Valerie Bertinelli, 2017 | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for NYCWFF

The Valerie’s Home Cooking star posted on Instagram recently a photo of her recipe that’s quite popular on the Food Network website.

It’s Bertinelli’s Pea and Mint Risotto and it’s the perfect dish for a springtime supper.

“Pea and Mint Risotto is my second most

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Chocolate Castella Cake Recipe | Saveur

Soft and fluffy Castella cake is a popular treat throughout East and Southeast Asia, with roots that reach far back to the pastry traditions of medieval Europe. Malaysian writer and chef, Yi Jun Loh delves into the origins of the internet-famous pastry in his story, “This Jiggly, ASMR-Inducing Asian Dessert Is Five Centuries In the Making,” and shares his own chocolate-scented recipe, below.

As with all delicate cakes, take care not to slam the oven door during baking, which may cause its delicate crumb to collapse before it is fully set.

Chocolate Castella Cake

This pillow-soft, Japanese-Taiwanese-Portuguese pastry is the

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Here’s an easy-to-make recipe for delicious Indian butter chicken | Cooking with Sadie

Indian food is delicious. Intriguing ingredients make for dishes that are perfectly balanced — not too spicy, not too sweet, just the right amount of cream.

Butter chicken (murgh makhani) is easy to make and all the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. Here is my favorite version of this iconic dish. It may just become a staple meal in your home before you know it.

Butter chicken

Blender/food processor
Large mixing bowl
Large frying pan

1 ½ pounds chicken thighs, cut into bite-size pieces

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Southern Coca-Cola Sheet Cake recipe

Ready to make the best tasting Southern Coca-Cola Sheet Cake Ever? So are we! Thank goodness for Laura Evans, back in the GTU kitchen to share her recipe! Follow below, and be sure to hop on her IG at @utahspicysouthernsweetness and @utahsfoodflirt

Southern Coca-Cola Sheet Cake

2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons Hershey’s Cocoa
2 sticks butter
1 cup Coca-Cola ( No Diet Coke!)
1/2 cup buttermilk, room temperature and shaken
2 eggs, beaten, room temperature
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons Mexican vanilla


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Best Raspberry Almond Pound Cake Recipe

Andrew Bui

We love a classic pound cake, but it never hurts to fancy things up a bit.This one uses both almond flour and extract to give it extra almond-y flavor then gets topped with more almonds after being drizzled with a beautiful glaze. The inside is studded with ripe raspberries for a pop of tartness. It’s a stunning cake that works well for dessert or a midday treat.

Have you made this yet? Let us know how it went in the comments below!  

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Tharid (lamb stew) recipe for Ramadan

Although I am not a practicing Muslim, I have read those portions of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, concerning the consumption of food and drink, all in service of my ongoing interest in the nexus of religion and food. I also have read the same in the sacred texts of other religions, notably Christianity and Judaism.

In the Koran, my favorite passages about food are about what Allah states about food quantity and its quality. Of the former, “Eat and drink, but not to excess.” And of the latter, “O you who believe, eat the good things that we have

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