Baking the best of it: Paige Tolley uses restrictions to start business

MOSES LAKE — Paige Tolley started her own business, Paige’s Custom Cakes, last summer because she said there wasn’t much to do.

Summer 2020 was full of restrictions, canceled activities and closed places. It all left teenagers like Tolley, a sophomore at Moses Lake High School, without a lot of options. So she came up with something to do.

“I took an interest in cakes,” she said.

And it wasn’t only making cakes — she wanted to see if she could turn it into a business.

“I have a lot of time on my hands, so I could make something

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LETTER: Expand noise restrictions on sidewalk cafes | Letters

Expand noise restrictions on sidewalk cafes

Although I applaud the fact that the city is finally doing something about the very loud music blaring from a certain rooftop bar’s speakers, I can’t help but see how they are perhaps getting it wrong in how to best handle it.

I am in favor of doing something to make sure that the noise level from businesses is kept to an acceptable level so as not to disrupt another business or city residents. However, I feel it needs to be more targeted so as not to hurt the live music scene that we

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