Take your time with delicious crepes at Kelly’s Cafe in Brunswick

I’m always in search of a great crepe.

I experienced my first crepe ever as a college student, a sweet Nutella one at a street-front window in Cologne, Germany. Over the years, as I’ve sampled sweet and savory options at eateries and markets in Northeast Ohio, this romantic French fare has always been one of my favorites. 

So when I discovered Kelly’s Cafe online, a true creperie whose fare consists solely of crepes, my craving for these paper-thin treats, stuffed with a variety of goodness, went into overdrive.

Kelly’s Cafe is a casual eatery with a homey feel, situated in a retail plaza along a busy stretch of Pearl Road in Brunswick. Owner Kelly Horter, who grew up in a restaurant family in Cleveland Heights, has owned her creperie for nearly 11 years, with her anniversary coming up May 6.

Kelly Horter, owner of Kelly's Cafe in Brunswick, cooks up a large stuffed crepe called The Big Show on Sunday.

Horter offers more than 30 crepe varieties, most of them Americanized versions. But when you dine there, it’s best to do as the Europeans do: Sit back, drink your coffee, enjoy some conversation and spend time both waiting for and savoring these made-to-order little miracles.

“It’s fresh, it’s made to order and it takes a little time,” said Horter, 49. “It’s not fast food. It’s slow food. I actually love that about my place.”