The 7 Best Refrigerators on the Market and Why Kitchen Designers Love Them

At its core, the best refrigerator is responsible for top-quality food preservation. Though as designers well know, the small details matter too. Technological advances abound in today’s refrigeration market, one manufacturer even taking cues from NASA. The stainless-steel units are strategically designed to produce cool, moist air in the refrigerator and cold, frigid air in the freezer—among other preset temperature profiles specially tailored by food type—all while conserving energy at better rates than ever before.

Functions may not vary significantly among designers’ top-rated refrigerators, but appearances certainly do. First comes choosing a French door, side-by-side, or column unit, often followed by a choice of metal or colored finish for the exterior casing and hardware. Industry pros also hype the custom benefits of panel-ready and counter-depth refrigerators, as well those with glass doors, fitting for the perfectionist client concerned with (and capable of) keeping food storage looking as nice as a styled bookshelf.

To help make navigating the market’s vast options a little easier, kitchen designers share the details of their best refrigerator picks below.

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