The Best Restaurant Meal Kits Available Nationwide

Throughout COVID, restaurants have pivoted in every way possible—they’ve built elaborate dining parklets, expanded takeout offerings, and begun selling meal kits. 

With pre-measured ingredients, simple recipe cards, and, often, clever, creative packaging, restaurant meal kits have become a way to stay connected to (and support) the dining establishments we love. They’re a far cry from the Blue Apron-style meals you might be picturing, too—often, they make it possible for novice home chefs to recreate beloved, elaborate dishes, the kind you probably wouldn’t otherwise attempt (like, say, an entire Shabbat dinner from Pittsburgh’s Abe Fisher).

Most restaurant meal kits are limited to local pickup and delivery, but a few ship nationwide—meaning you can prepare a sandwich from New York City’s Katz’s Delicatessen in your kitchen in Oregon, or serve pub chicken from Chicago’s Publican to your friends in Miami. Read on for eight of the best restaurant meal kits that ship nationwide. 

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Cote’s Butcher’s Feast comes with four cuts of meat; all you have to do is grill.

Cote Korean Steakhouse Butcher’s Feast

New York City’s Cote Korean Steakhouse is known for pairing great American steaks, like ribeye and American Wagyu, with the hallmarks of any great Korean barbecue experience: tabletop grills, delicious banchan covering the table, and flowing ssamjang. Their meal kits, which come in servings for two to six, include all of the above. The Butcher’s Feast kit, a great entry point with enough food for four, comes with raw and marinated cuts like hanger steak and galbi, as well as cooking instructions so you can get a Cote-like result. Pre-portioned accoutrements like house pickled veggies, lettuce for wrapping, and ssamjang sauce are included as well. 

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The Publican meal kit includes a full chicken, a side of barbecue carrots, and dessert.

Courtesy Publican

Paul Kahan’s Perfect Publican meal kit

Chicago’s The Publican is known for upscale yet totally comforting American food. Their Pub Chicken meal kit (one of several from The Publican and its sister restaurants, like Avec, which has a paella kit and stuffed Medjool dates) serves four, and pays homage to their dining experience with an easy-to-execute meal of pork and duck rilettes “to nosh on while you’re prepping the bird,” a full marinated farm chicken, barbecue carrots as a side dish, and brown butter chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert. This is the kind of meal you could maybe trick your family into thinking you made from scratch.