The Best Restaurant Reservation Software for 2021


With top-rate mobile applications, two-way communication, and a customer-centric focus, Yelp delights guests while making it easy to manage reservations.


  • Waitlist capabilities

  • Free iPad

  • Flat-rate pricing

Since 2017, Yelp has seated over 433 million diners and is considered one of the top platforms for people to find restaurants, order food, or reserve a table. Yelp’s ease of use and customer-friendly features make it perfect for consumer-facing reservations.

Yelp’s reservation and waitlist software gives you a dedicated front-of-house management tool that works on an iPad. However, the consumer-facing mobile apps receive high usability ratings for:

  • Using AI-driven algorithms to predict guest wait times accurately
  • Offering two-way text messaging so you can communicate with waiting guests
  • Providing a remote check-in function to keep guests safe and happy
  • Giving real-time updates regarding a guest’s position in line or estimated wait time
  • Allowing customers to add themselves to a waitlist or sign up for a reminder
  • Notifying guests when a takeout order is ready
  • Personalizing experiences by tracking guest preferences, history, and special dates

Yelp also supports your staff and helps you optimize front of house (FOH) operations using features such as:

  • Custom floor maps and a visual layout view
  • Automatic reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows
  • A dedicated to-go tab for managing carry-out orders
  • Tracking and analytics to see performance on Yelp

With Yelp, you pay a flat monthly fee with no extra charges, and all subscriptions come with a free iPad. The Table Management plan starts at $249 per month and includes takeout, reservations, waitlist, and server management tools. 

You can also add Yelp Connect for $180 a month to customize your Yelp page, increase brand visibility, manage photos, and share business highlights. Or get started with Yelp ads for as low as $5 per day.