What’s the best restaurant in Sioux Falls? You tell us.

Are you ready, Sioux Falls?

For better or for worse, we’re bringing back the Food Falls Restaurant Bracket in time for March Madness.

For those unacquainted, this is an Argus Leader tradition where we, as a city, collectively crown a town champion of the culinary arts. We take 64 of Sioux Falls’ best restaurants, seed them like a real tournament and vote for the winner of each match up.

Best express burrito in Sioux Falls? It’s not Chipotle. And it’s not Giliberto’s.

As the weeks wind down, we’ll get to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Ate and the Final Fork. Past champions included Queen City Bakery, M.B. Haskett, and Fiero’s Pizza.

This year, before we get to the actual crowning, I’m looking for your help to decide which restaurants should make the cut. Fill out your 10 favorite places to eat in Sioux Falls through the Google form below, and I’ll compile them into a bracket, with our first match up starting on Monday, March 22.